Maglev twin-train with wind turbines lets you commute with your personal mobility devices

Designers see scope in things we often tend to pass without even a thought. Case in point, Indian automotive designer Prathyush Devadas who has conceived an ingenious, double-decker metro train, which can commute passengers on upper half and people along with their personal mobility devices on the bottom half.

The idea behind designing a Metro with twin structure is to provide passengers an option to travel from place A to B with their personal mobility.

Dubbed Twillingar – the twin Metro Train, it is guided by a series of pillars embedded with super-powered magnets that support the metro and run it on magnetic levitation.

For additional power, wind turbines are installed on top of the pillar. Movement of the train creates wind to help the turbines generate electricity. Electricity generated by the small wind turbines is used to power magnets in the pillars.

Interestingly, the station floors and metro floor are embedded with piezoelectric sensors that create energy with every step taken on it.

Cycles have become a more preferred mode of transportation – primarily for two reasons – its emission-free way of commuting, and it keeps the rider fit. Over the years, there has been a significant surge in purposed modes of personal transportation including electric scooters, hoverboards, mono wheel electric scooters etc. And it’s believed use of cycles and other personal modes of transportation will be used by large urban population.

People will need to travel between cities by trains and then cover the last mile in their own personal transportation. This is where the metro – combo of personal mobility and public transport could come into play.

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