Mark Richardson creates DIY fab velo using recycled materials and 3D printing

Mark Richardson DIY fab velo

Currently teaching at the Monash University, designer Mark Richardson has always focused on understanding modern transportation design trends and development of sustainable mobility systems. Officially a senior designer at Ford Motor Company, Mark has worked on number of projects in the past and the latest one by him is the FAB Velo project. The modular DIY vehicle is made using reusable components and scrap materials that can be easily found lying around in the basement of your home. With the help of parametric 3D printed couplings, it become possible to transform these components into modular tensegrity structures.

The project aimed on two major design explorations: one is the Fab Velo Velomobile which serves as a means of personal transport and the second one is the temostruder 3D printer which is used as a means of its production. The modular and upcycled design of the fab velo combines reused waste, off-the-shelf components and 3D printed couplings. The tensegrity frame can be made using basic household tools such as discarded scoters, bikes, walkers and wheelchairs. And a good thing about the construction method is that it requires no welding. The outer skin of the vehicle is made from discarded tents and fixed to the frame without the need for sewing.

Via: Designboom

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