Meet Amazon warriors – The real guardians of forests

Amazon warriors 19

The fantastic forests of Amazon are in trouble due to illegal loggers, who are active and axing trees. However, Amazon forests have got the best of guardians; the Ka’apor Indian tribe. Tired of Govt.’s inefficiency, the villages constituted a team of warriors that’ll search and capture the illegal logger active in the Alto Turiacu Indian territory. A Reuters photographer, Lunae Parracho, joined them and documented their search expedition and the mission to chase away illegal loggers from the area.

Amazon warriors 6

These warriors did a marvelous job. They searched, captured, tied the loggers and took off their pants and shoes. Then, they were beaten with sticks and chased away in half naked condition with their hands still tied. The truck and camps were set on fire. These brave and concern tribal people know the value of forest more than anyone in the modern cities following modern civilization trends do.

Here are some of the images of what followed after these tribal warriors captured the loggers and found their camps and trucks:

Amazon warriors 3

Amazon warriors  5

Amazon warriors 8

Amazon warriors  9

Amazon warriors 11

Amazon warriors 12

Amazon warriors 13

Amazon warriors 14

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Amazon warriors 20

Amazon warriors

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