Netizens Criticize Pakistani Couple for Using Sedated Lion Cub as Wedding Photoshoot Prop

The internet is furious after seeing outrageous images of a Pakistani couple who used sedated lion cub as a prop for their wedding photoshoot, posted on Instagram on Studio Afzl’s stories, which is a Lahore-based photography studio. Social media has rightly criticized the actions of the bride and groom.

Pakistani Couple Criticized for Using Sedated Lion Cub as Wedding Photoshoot Prop

A Pakistani couple has been criticized for using a lion cub as a prop for their wedding photoshoot | Image: Instagram @studioafzlofficial

In a Twitter post, Save the Wild, an animal welfare organization in Pakistan, shared an eight-second video of the couple posturing for pictures with the sedated cub lying in between them. The organization tagged the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department in their post and urged the authorities to rescue the cub.

The short video has gone viral with thousands of views as netizens condemned this action of the couple in the comments section of the post. Apart from that several animal rights organizations have expressed deep concern over the incident and the safety of the wildlife.

A Pakistan-based NGO, JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter has also addressed the incident in a post on Instagram, where the organization disparaged the action. It raised a question on the governance as well, because apparently, these people have licenses to own these cubs, which immediately invalidates the legal actions.

JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter revealed that such incidents have become common in the country due to wildlife trade and government licenses that allow owning wild animals by depriving them of their natural habitat.

People have reacted overwhelmingly to this cruel act of pomp and show via unprecedented animal abuse. Various comments have condemned the couple and the studio for using the animal as a prop for the wedding photoshoot.

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