Recycled Art: A marvelous Mythical Dragon Sculpture made out of recycled CDs

Recycling is just not a way to prevent some waste going into landfills; it has become a remarkable way for green artists to express their talent.This mythical dragon, inspired from video game named Skyrim, has been created out of 136 old blank CDs. Redditor Amon-a-boat submitted the images of the project claiming it to be her creation. The 17-year-old girl received huge appreciation from the reddit users and some of them even put the bid for this recycled sculpture. The sculpture took 80 hours of incredible meticulousness.

The recycled sculpture is created using handcrafted wire mesh frame and those sharp edges of broken CD parts were positioned well enough with the help of hot glue gun, and a bandsaw blade for clean cuts.

The maker of this marvelous shining sharp dragon sculpture might put it on sale on ebay as the possibility of getting a good amount have increased due to some early bids with huge amount.


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