Frothy River Yamuna Now Looks Much Cleaner, but for How Long?

Human activities and irresponsible disposal of industrial waste have resulted in the sad plight of the Yamuna River in the last decade or so. The toxins in the river affect marine life and inhabitants living on the shores beyond comprehension as people have accepted this sad reality.

However, the last few weeks have been a blessing in disguise for the tainted rivers, especially the Yamuna river which had to bear the brunt of irresponsible human activities.

Yamuna River water clean during coronavirus lockdown - Before After Images

Refreshing to see toxin-free Yamuna river and less visible smog too!

As the country is undergoing a 21-day lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, the complexion of the pious river has changed. There are no foamy deposits of toxins and the river looks visibly clean.

Clean Yamuna River during coronavirus lockdown - Before After Images

Murky polluted water gives way to pure looking blue water

According to the vice-chairman of Delhi Jal Board Raghav Chadha, the closure of industrial units in Delhi-NCR has resulted in an improvement in water quality. There are no industrial pollutants or effluents being discharged into the river which contribute to about one-tenth of the water pollution in the river.

Raghav said that they’ll be conducting water tests in the coming days to get a clearer picture regarding the percentage of improvement in the quality.

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According to an Aam Aadmi Party leader;

Under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi chief minister), we had promised to clean up the Yamuna. The lockdown has shown us that it is possible, however, it will not stay in place forever.
Other contributing factors to this improvement are the recent rainfalls and a good amount of snowfall in the winter season this year.

Netizens have also noticed this change and posted pictures on Twitter to show their amazement for this drastic transformation.

Some have even compared the current pictures with pictures from the past year when it was frothed in toxic waste.

Clean Yamuna River - Coronavirus Lockdown

Pristine waters of Yamuna river look so satisfying / Image: Twitter

While others have posted videos of the cleaner water near the shores and fishes swimming in it which shows positive signs for the water ecology.

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