Snake vs Crocodile : A guy captures Snake hunting a crocodile

Australian  Snake eats crocodile after battle.jpg

A local guy near Mount Isa in northern Queensland clicked a wild hunt between a crocodile and a snake, perhaps, a python. The act isn’t itself unique; rather it’s like routine in the wild world. It’s just a charm to watch it silently, without disturbing the action, and feel the thrill of Life vs Death match without worrying about the cops. It’s legal. First the snake coiled around the crocodile with a tight grip suffocating it.Here is the course of the action.

Australian  Snake eats crocodile after battle.jpg2
Then there was a long wrestling between the two according to the viewer. The match continued for about five hours.

Australian  Snake eats crocodile after battle.jpg3
After the crocodile was entangled to death, the snake brought it to the ground, and then, as usual, it was swallowed in a single piece. It took about 15 minutes for the snake to eat it.

Australian  Snake eats crocodile after battle.jpg 6
In the end, it was all gone, and the snake disappeared in a while to do the digestive homework. Certainly, he won’t feel hungry for next few weeks. The moral of the story is that in Queensland live the deadliest of snakes found in the world.

Via: BBC

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