Solar powered ‘Eco Diary’ charges phone, gives daily green tips

green tips

Providing or gifting diaries and pens during a seminar or meetings is a very common practice. However, it could be done in many creative ways. While surfing, we came across an adorable Eco-Diary, designed by Johny along with his fellows Mariana O’Kelly, Este du Plessis, Peet Engelbrecht and Chanel Cartell. The product was designed for one of his many clients ‘C Cell’.

green cellphone charger

The diary is a package that contains a solar powered charger, and pages with green tips like how to measure your carbon footprint, what material you must not buy from market as they aren’t decomposable, or how to dispose off hazardous waste properly and many more.

What makes it adorable is the way the charger, space for data cables and wires is incorporated in a very neat design. You can open the diary like a normal one, and it doesn’t take any extra space. Only, the width has been extended, but still, it looks a good green idea. The solar powered charger can charge almost any smartphone.

green tips

Via: TheMotel

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