Phone Box: Re-using existing phone booths as green cellphone charging stations

green cellphone charger

Telephone booths are no more needed as the advent of cheap cellphones has replaced the old fashioned telephones. Now, electronic market offers affordable cellphones for almost every section of the society. However, the existing phone booths either stand in vain or they are removed. How about converting these existing confined spaces to spots which provide green energy, and where people could charge their cellphones. It’s a nice idea to re-use the exiting structures and make it useful in accordance with the need of present times. Everyone rush to cellphone charging portals at restaurants, shopping mall, or anywhere they see one.

hand cranked charger

The idea is simply called ‘Phone Box’. All it would need to establish a self-sufficient charging station is small a hand cranked dynamo. 3D printing makes it even easier to print a box in which the dynamo with a crank could be fixed. This small dynamo box could be screwed inside anywhere inside the box.

self-sustainable phone charger

Anyone can crank the dynamo and charge the cellphone as much as one need or as much as one could crank it.

The box incorporates USB port to charge mobile. You can grab rest of the details on designer website.

Phone box charger


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