Start-Up Creates Solar-Powered Microbrewery and Water Purification System

Sweden-based local start-up Wayout has recently developed a revolutionary container-sized structure, which holds a solar-powered microbrewery and water purification system. Similar to a 3D printer for drinks, this advanced micro-factory is designed by Swedish studios Bernadotte & Kylberg and No Picnic. the system features modules, with customizable exteriors and serving interface.

The first microbrewery is situated in Linköping, while Wayout is planning to ship the second micro-factory to an eco-retreat in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Each module is capable to provide 70,000 liters of clean drinking water, which could eliminate the need for up to 200,000 plastic bottles, per month.

Since we can treat all types of water – even desalinate sea water – the idea is perfect for places with poor water quality.

Said Martin Renck, one of Wayout’s six partners.

The use of solar power surmounts the issues with the electrical supply as the facility is user-friendly. Clients pay a subscription to operate the micro-factory, rather than buy it and it all is controlled through an app.

While the water treatment, beverage mixing, brewing and cleaning is automated, the ingredients are filled manually. Still or sparkling water and soft drinks can be prepared quickly, whereas an easy click starts the brewing process that takes seven to ten days to complete.

Start-Up Creates Solar-Powered Microbrewery and Water Purification System

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Three thousand liters of beer or cider can be stored in the container-sized structure. The Wayout office in Stockholm monitors the factors ranging from beverage quality to the need for new ingredients.

A distinct module has been designed exclusively for purifying water. Among the first destination where Wayout will provide clean water is the Hunger Project in Kampala, Uganda. The purified water will be delivered through a center that works to empower women, among other things.

It’s not just a meaningful product, it can change how we relate to the planet. Water is something everyone needs.

Said Renck.

Apparently, the Wayout microbrewery can eliminate the usage of plastic bottles, which means less pollution, less carbon dioxide and fewer micro-plastics. Each module has the capacity to take away up to eight tons of carbon dioxide. 

The successful launch of this solar-powered microbrewery and water purification system will not only provide clean water and save electricity but will also strengthen the economic status of the region where it will be stationed.

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