WaveRoller Concept converts ocean wave currents into electricity

WaveRoller Concept

Finnish Energy Company Fortum along with France based naval defence company DCNS, AW-Energy and Bretagne Region has signed an agreement in wave power research and development.  The companies will create a joint 1.5 MW wave power demonstration project according to the agreement.

WaveRoller, a device that converts ocean waves to energy and electricity is the project chosen for the wave power technology. The demonstration park will be owned by Fortum and they will also be handling the project’s development. Construction work and the site development will be in the hands of DCNS. The WaveRoller renewable energy power plant is developed by AW-Energy and the technology is completely patent.

The WaveRoller concept is designed to operate in areas closer to the shore relatively at a distance between 0.3 km to2 km from the shore. The machine is fully immersed in water docked to the sea floor and works at depths of between 8 and 20 meters. The strong underwater waves put the WaveRoller panel into motion producing huge amount of energy. The power output from a single WaveRoller unit ranges between 500 and 1000 kW.

The WaveRoller machine concept is easy to maintain as the unit can be brought to the surface just by filling air into the large tanks. When the maintenance procedure is completed they can be returned to their operational positions just by filling the tanks with water.

Via: Azocleantech/AW-Energy

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