Wooden E-Bike Electraply is Made Almost Entirely from Plywood

In this world of carbon emissions from fossil fuel consumption, electric vehicles have become a staple of sustainability. Working toward the same goal, a sustainable woodworker, Evie Bee created a wooden electric bike, christened Electraply.

Evie was motivated to continue the Electraply project because she always wanted to make herself her own riding bike.

Talking about her e-bike, Evie said;

As a woodworker with a passion for sustainable design and combining modern manufacturing methods with traditional construction techniques, I felt this project would be a perfect and challenging opportunity to bring all these interests together and push my making skills to the limit.

The Electraply comprises multiple styles of sustainably sourced plywood laminated together. Some parts which required more strength are made of stainless steel.

The bike is powered by a 36V and 12.5 AH battery, which is efficient to deliver a speed of 28mph and an average of 22 miles. To reduce the number of external parts, Evie paired this with a smart Pie electrical bike motor.

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To be able to achieve Evie’s design, most of the sheets had to be cut with the help of a CNC router. Vintage designs fascinate Evie a lot which thereafter helped her to inculcate these designs in Electraply.

She further says;

One of the other motivating factors for me choosing to make this bike was the desire to fulfill my dream of owning and riding my own e-bike. An experience I had cruising along a beautiful coast road on a rented bike was enough to convince me I needed to make one for myself.

Evie in the future plans to organize a campaign to commercialize her design. Her design and crafting skills are a true inspiration to young aspirants out there, who want to help the environment with green transportation.

Electraply a Wooden Electric Bike

Image: Evie Bee Design

Electraply a Wooden Electric Bike

Image: Evie Bee Designs

Electraply a wooden electric bike

Image: Evie Bee Designs

Via: Electrek

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