Mean Metal Motor’s Azani Becomes India’s First All-Electric Hypercar

Mean Metal Motors (MMM) has created the Azani that happens to be India’s first hypercar. It will be able to sprint from zero to 100 kmph, and that too in less than two seconds. The Azani claims a 350 kmph high speed with 700 km range, it will pack over 1,000 horsepower from its 120 kWh battery.

The car is an amalgamation of advanced and high technology features with a blend of stylish design. The Azani is a Bangalore-based Electric Vehicle (EV) start-up by MMM. As of now, no information about the car’s interior has been released.

Some reports state that the car would have the capacity of estimating the over-the-air updates. With the effective use of enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), the company has evidently increased the efficiency rate of the car but consequently has reduced its cost fairly. MMM Azani will be launched with a starting price of $1 20,000 – which is equal to approximately 89 lakh rupees.

Mean Metal Motor’s Azani Becomes India’s First Hypercar

Image: Mean Metal Motors

The Mean Metal Motors team also promises augmented reality HUDs, “advanced morphing seats” and telematics, with an “advanced AI module” built-in for an unspecified purpose and built-in “M-Log” integration.

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Most of its bodywork will be of aluminum including the chassis. Apparently, the suspension is adaptive and magneto-rheologically controlled, which means it enables the complete characterization of magneto-rheological fluids that can be controlled under the influence of varying magnetic field intensity.

A collision avoidance system along with adaptive cruise and auto-emergency braking will be included in the driver-assist gear. The company confirms that the first engineered prototype of the Azani is set to come out around the end of 2022. They have already started the pre-booking.

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