Eco Park: H2Eco launches solar car port to power your latest hybrid

If there is one business that has taken rapid strides towards going green far before everyone else, then it is surely the automobile industry. Whether it is out of necessity or sheer economic constraints, automobile firms have been heading down the green path for a while now and car makers are now aggressively pushing for hybrids and even complete green cars that run on fuel cells and hydrogen. H2Eco have gone one step further and launched the Eco Park, which acts as a solar charging station for your electric vehicle, while also providing for parking space.

The design of Eco Park is such that it can act as a parking shed with a rooftop that is laced with photovoltaic panels. This allows each unit to produce 1,900 kW hours from a 1.8kw solar set up. That is pretty much enough to ensure that a Nissan leaf runs 8000 miles in a year’s time. Apart from cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions, this also helps save up on fossil fuel and that translates to cash saved up from gasoline bills that are avoided.

While the Nissan LEAF is all-electric, you can even use the Eco Park to charge up your hybrid without depending on grid power for juice. The design of the Eco Park ensures that it can be easily installed in parking spaces, supermarkets, homes and every other place that needs a parking spot for your 4-wheeler. There is no doubt that it will be projects like these that will help us one day get to roads that are completely emission-free.

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