Organic masterpieces: Stunning and surreal sculptures crafted from fruit & vegetable

It is one thing to have the imagination to create the extraordinary out of the mundane and a whole different proposition to have the skill that will bring to life the vivid images etched in your mind. Shawn Feeney is one of those blessed few who seem to have an ample amount of both and he has used his unorthodox creativity and amazing fruit and vegetable carving skills to promote organic art.

Shawn’s work is renowned across the globe and he is particularly well-known for his pumpkin carving skills that have earned him a spot in Food network’s Halloween wars.

His pumpkin creations on view here are but a small sample of wide array of art work that he has dished out using nothing but natural materials. From crafting myriad images of the underworld to etching famous faces like MJ on the pumpkin, he has pretty much done it all.

Enjoy the inimitable and unmatched collection…

The Invisible Underground

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