A military theme restaurant inside a cave in Beijing, China [In pictures]

We’ve seen all sorts of theme parks, homes, hotels and restaurants but this military theme restaurants inside a cave in Beijing, China is perhaps at the pinnacle of them all. China is seeing many special themed restaurants lately, based on specific themes these tourist attractions not only offer a very decorative environment but also offer a unique and lucrative dining experience. The military theme cave restaurants is one such attraction out in the wild that welcomes you with an entrance made out of a cockpit of an old plane. The cave in the mountains that was once the military headquarters of former Chinese Communist military leader Lin Biao is now transformed into bar and restaurant wherein old parachutes hang above tables as drapes and furniture is made of sandbags, helmets, bullet shells and land mines, now beat that! Hit the jump to visualize as to what the restaurants is all about? Happy viewing!

Via: AcidCow

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