Extraordinary Carhenge made from recycled cars to mark Skoda’s Citigo launch

After the Stonehenge and Woodhenge, it’s time now for the very ambitious – Carhenge. The Car-henge sculptures resurrected (to celebrate Skoda’s Citigo launch) out of 18 scrap cars, weigh in at 36 tons each and measure 5 meters tall and five meters wide. The sculpture, a unique replica of Wiltshire’s iconic Stonehenge is installed at London’s Southbank, where it will be a pleasure to the eyes this Summer Solstice. This audacious automotive art sculpture by a team of designers led by Tommy Gun is called the Citihenge (because of the Citigo as its centerpiece), and is one collective recycled art exhibition none of us have ever seen before. Hat’s off!

Via: TaylorHerring

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