Heat pump dryer is energy efficient and lighter on your pocket

Busy lifestyle and urban living has made us so used to technology that we want to be served by it 24X7. Same is the case with cloth dryers that have evolved over the years and become more efficient at helping get out the moisture in laundry. But when it comes to energy efficiency and saving on energy resources, cloth dryers can be a real killer accounting for almost 6% of your total electricity usage as they require 1,800 to 5,000 watts of energy to operate.

This is where you can get a heat pump dryer for your home which is much more efficient that the traditional dryers and also is gentle on your clothes as it doesn’t damage them. It uses the technology of heating the air in a closed circuit system and passing it over the clothes and then the same air is used in drying the laundry. Thereafter the hot air leaves the drum and is cooled and then the moisture is filtered through the household pipes.


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