Bamboo sunglasses are cool and protect well too

For ages now sun glasses have been recognized as premium style statement that provides shade to the eyes from the sun’s scorching rays. Although sunglasses haven’t changed much since they were brought into existence, the plastic frames and UV protection lenses have been the essential ingredients of perfect sunglasses. I have got pretty bored with my pair of sunglasses so far; probably time to switch something flashy and one that no one else has!

These pair of sunglasses from Grein replaces the good old plastic frame with the goodness of bamboo. To provide UV protection the glasses are covered in special sealant which prevents bamboo from damage or getting discolored in short period of use. Grein also claims to have used the TAC lenses in these sunglasses which they claim will become the future for sunglasses in the coming years. Surprisingly these lenses are much cheaper and easy to produce. This is a Kickstarter project and if you want these glasses to hit the production line and be available for you then you’ll have to back the project.


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