Solar powered Sunbike is for people across all age groups

Have a look at this solar powered cargo bike developed by young Turks Gauthier Richard, Pierre Vioules, Rémi Legrain, Xavier Lefol and Elodie Fauvelet which by the way also derives power from electrical battery is surely one for the eco-friendly future commuting in cities. Running on power from the solar panels embedded on back side and front of the bike this eco-friendly means of city commuting is based on a patent technology called Direct Solar Powered Cargo Bike.

The pedaling on this bike is very easy and with rigid body frame there is enhanced stability at high speeds if you happen to be a speed buff. Called as the Sunbike, and very rightly so this bike is for all to have in their list of assets. You can assimilate more about this futuristic means of commuting in the videos that follow.

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