Intel develop a processor chip solely powered by solar energy from natural as well as artificial lighting

Intel has been the leading micro-processor chip maker in the world and for the obvious reason that they think two steps ahead of everyone. This time around they have come up with a computer that runs on a solar powered cell for a processor that keeps it running. The postage sized stamp was revealed at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011 and it is in conjunction with the chip-maker’s initiative to reduce power consumption in computing environment. Intel has a long term view that in the very near future the power innovations for computing technologies will reach such huge levels that conserving energy would be of the highest priority.

In the demonstration at IFA 2011 the computer running on the solar-powered processor CPU was being powered by two light lamps and it was enough to run processor intensive programs like animations and Windows-based processes. Although this is still a lab experiment by Intel, but they believe that sooner than later they will be able to develop a complete computer system running on solar powered energy.

IBN live/Engadget

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