Parasite Farm – A complete indoor farming system

Of course, it seems very odd and complex to grow food inside your apartment. Still you feel like you missed gardening because you don’t have space? Then German designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have envisioned “Parasite Farm”, a solution for indoor farming. It’s not just any hanging farm, but a complete system that provides cabins for the growth of plants and fits like bookshelves. Designed looks practical with a vermicomposting bin hidden under a cutting board. Waste goes directly into the bin and even the water collected in the bottom cabin is recycled to create a liquid fertilizer.

The growing cabins fit like a bookshelves and the required light is provided from the above like the windowfarm. That means you have advantage if you are having window space. It’s a nice solution for those living in tight apartments where there is no chance for farming.


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