Philosophy inspires artist Sayaka Ganz’s reclaimed art

Artist Sayaka Ganz’s philosophical and interesting reason behind using discarded and used materials depicts the versatility of human thought process. She believes that every object on this earth is alive and have soul. On the night, an object is discarded, it cries in the trash bin. This belief was so strong that she decided to chose only used and discarded objects so that she could integrate and shape them into animal sculpture to reclaim their lives. According to Sayaka, she feels liberated by doing that. For a while, it made me wonder what inspires creative minds and what induces marvelous ideas into their brain.

Whatever be the inspiration, artist Sayaka is indeed contributing in recycling of scrap and I am sure, recycling is necessary practice to liberate our planet from burden of human created garbage hills. The present images shows really impressive animal sculptures made from household objects.

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