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Solar-powered IrresistiCat will keep your cat busy

Solar Chaser is a company that has brought a cat toy to Kickstarter. The toy is meant to keep pet cats busy. It’s called IrresistiCat – a simple device that feature a ball inside an enclosure.

Bamboo battery O±O by Jose Gonzalez 6

Sustainable Bamboo battery by Jose Gonzalez for project O±O

The Bamboo O±O project represents a combination of battery and green energy generation system through bicycle pedaling. The battery stores the energy generated while pedaling. The whole cover is made from bamboo and copper. The project also includes a stand with an electric-power assisted bicycle

solar powered rescue board

ResQ – A Solar powered lifeguard from Stillform Design Studio

Nothing holds more value than a human life. We would neglect counting carbon footprint produced while rescuing a human life, using any machine or fuel. However, it’ll be appreciable act if someone could enhance the efficiency of the rescuer and still manage to keep the