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California Bans Recycling Symbol on Non-Recyclable Items

California Bans Recycling Symbol on Non-Recyclable Items

Not everything can be recycled, even some items that have recycling symbols on them. California took steps toward becoming the first state to change that. A bill passed by the California state assembly bans companies from using the recycling arrows symbol on non-recyclable items. The

A Human Sized Alien Sculpture Made Out Of 200 Recycled Tiers

A Human-Sized Alien Sculpture Made Out of 200 Recycled Tires

Recycling has offered humankind wonderful opportunities to use up the discarded material with creative and innovative twists. Following suit, craftsman Cao Shennge made a marvelous Alien Xenomorph King sculpture out of 200 recycled tires, that too in twenty days. Producing tires still has enormous environmental

Tesla Ensures 100 Percent Recycling of Scrapped Batteries

Tesla Vows to 100 Percent Recycling of Scrapped Batteries

Batteries consist of highly toxic chemicals which consequently harm the environment as they contain heavy metals. To end this, Tesla has established an internal ecosystem to recycle scrapped batteries in its Tesla Service Centers. Tesla confirms that 100 percent of its scrapped batteries are recycled

America is World's Biggest Source of Ocean Plastic Pollution

RIL Doubling its PET Recycling Capacity to 5 Billion Bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling is quite famous and can be used in fiber applications. Recently, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced that it is doubling its PET recycling capacity by setting up a recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) facility. At present RIL recycles PET bottles at