Yo-auto’s Concept vehicle to be showcased at the Franfurt Motor Show 2011

IAA Frankfurt 2011 is just around the corner and it will show off the concept car developed by a very new Russian automaker YO-Auto
(ё-auto) and the brainchild behind the design is their staff designer Andrey Trofimchuk. The credentials of the vehicle are going to be almost same as the earlier Yo-hatchback, Yo cross-coupe anf Yo-microvan. The engine in the car is going to be gasoline powered that provides the electro engines the power to charge up the super condensers.

The distinctive feature of the Yo-Concept is the operation of its doors that don’t open outward, like traditional automobiles; rather they slide up and to the rear of the vehicle. Therefore the resulting entryway is quite large and one can even keep large payload with utmost ease, that is if the need arises.The vehicle is not scheduled for production anytime in the future, like its earlier predecessors, but the company believes that it is just a concept that portrays the design of future models from Yo-auto.

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