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Solar Cookup200 can fry anything even your eye balls

If you are a barbeque lover and a keen diner too then you should be the one getting your hands on this cool barbeque powered by the energy of Sun is then solar Cookup200 is perfect for you. On the top of that if you

A green home that has a twist of recycled credentials

The green home tour is on and during this tour going on in Portland and out of the 21 homes seen thus far, and the Build it Home Tour by Mike and Virginia Malone in Northeast Portland has something extra-ordinary and bizarre to it. Well

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Jog to charge MP3 with green energy

According to Newton’s third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, that means if we lose energy in any form, then same amount of energy can be stored and used. We can’t store every bit of the energy produced but we

Across the globe without refueling with zero emission

William Brown has designed a jet called Lockheed Stratoliner that can fly across the globe without refueling. Lockheed Stratoliner is hydrogen driven jet concept inspired from Bar-tailed Godwit that holds ground for the longest nonstop flight i.e, 7,258 miles, from Alaska to Australia. Four zero