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Frozen Niagara Falls bathed in colors m

Niagara Falls freezes for second time this year

The mighty Niagara Falls stood still, frozen by another snow storm for the second time this year. The temperatures near -12 C brought the gushing water at halt, and it just made the whole scene more tempting. The colored lights cover the frozen falls at

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Everest climbers must descend with trash or face penalty: Nepal

Nepalese authorities are no more in a mood to tolerate garbage on Mount Everest trek. Under new rules, the trekkers will have to carry 8 kg (18 Pounds) of waste while coming down. If they don’t comply, strict legal action will be enforced with penalties.

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Snake vs Crocodile : A guy captures Snake hunting a crocodile

A local guy near Mount Isa in northern Queensland clicked a wild hunt between a crocodile and a snake, perhaps, a python. The act isn’t itself unique; rather it’s like routine in the wild world. It’s just a charm to watch it silently, without disturbing

A majestic Wakeboarding Eco-Park in the lap of nature

Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan is a majestic mountain lake that has attracted people from all over the world with its scenery and natural beauty. Created due to an earthquake which occurred in 1911, the lake is famous for its underwater pine forest. This mysterious lake

North Indian flood – A manmade calamity

Uttarakhand, the Himalayan paradise known for its snow capped mountains, valley of flowers, fresh air, pure waters, heavenly silence and scenic beauty was hit by one of the most furious floods in the region thus far. The “Land of Gods,” turned into “City of the

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The ‘Green City Dream City’ movement in a small Indian state

While recent data published by National Institute for Space Research based on the satellite images confirms that deforestation rate in the Amazon rainforest, which saw its peak period during 2004, has dropped upto 23%,an Indian state, Nagpur, too kicked off its movement to restore the