Tesla’s Software Version 7 with autonomous driving features to arrive on Thursday

Autopilot tesla s and x

Tesla’s much awaited software update – version 7, which includes autopilot and autonomous driving features, will be launched on Thursday, announced Tesla CEO Elon Musk via a tweet.

Tesla has been working on it for over a year and had released two version for testing, but the latest version is expected to be available worldwide to all electric Model S sedan owners and recently launched Model X. It’ll not turn the car into ultra-futuristic, totally autonomous vehicle, but it’ll be more like an appetizer that’ll be followed by better versions.  The time when cars will begin picking and dropping people without driver, aren’t far.


The addition of version 7 will add additional $2,500 to the costs of Model S and Model X.

Both Model S and Model X are equipped with 12 sensors, a front-facing camera, and a radar system. These sensors assist car to scan speed limit signs, notify the driver when over-speeding, and execture automatic lane shift, take turn on curves without manual assistance, and also include an autopark feature.


The software can adjust speed of car to match that of cars in front of it and autosteer to ensure car remains in lane. It’ll read road markings as well. In case, there is trouble with road marking or there are no road markings, then it’ll alarm the driver.

Automatic lane changing feature can change lanes as driver tap on right or left turn signal. Still, the responsibility will be that of the driver.

Autopark feature can spot parking space and park the car for the owner including parallel parking.

The combo of futuristic technologies with zero-emission is admirable. It’ll assist the world to shift on alternative fuels other than fossil fuels. Moreover, down the road, Tesla has some big plan for its next generation electric cars.

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