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Dog-friendly kayak by david bahnson3

Retired man builds dog friendly kayak for his pets

We had seen, Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old man from Fort Worth, Texas with his amusing ‘Dog-Train’ he had built for the stray dogs he rescued. Now, David Bahnson, a 62-year-old retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont, is trending on blogosphere and social media for his dog-friendly

[NSFL] Why Not To Let Your Dog Mess with Porcupines, Ever?

[NSFL] Why Not To Let Your Dog Mess with Porcupines, Ever?

Porcupines may not be world’s smartest creatures, but they are certainly one of the most adapted to discouraging predators. We have seen what happens when anyone messes with porcupines. Confrontational cases of dogs vs. porcupines are nothing new. Mostly, dogs end up at vet clinics,

Animal Aid Unlimited

A heart-touching survival story of an almost dead dog

Animal Aid Unlimited, a Rajasthan-based animal rescue group, saw a dog by roadside. It was nothing more than a hairless mass of meat, covered with open wounds all over his body. He was heading toward the end of a miserable life. The posture and body-language