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North Indian flood – A manmade calamity

Uttarakhand, the Himalayan paradise known for its snow capped mountains, valley of flowers, fresh air, pure waters, heavenly silence and scenic beauty was hit by one of the most furious floods in the region thus far. The “Land of Gods,” turned into “City of the

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The ‘Green City Dream City’ movement in a small Indian state

While recent data published by National Institute for Space Research based on the satellite images confirms that deforestation rate in the Amazon rainforest, which saw its peak period during 2004, has dropped upto 23%,an Indian state, Nagpur, too kicked off its movement to restore the

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Plant Vessel homes your plants in form specific pots

Keeping in tune with nature always has its own charm and these days it is seeping into the design elements too. Before this we were only accustomed to seeing plants growing in over the top flashy vessels and pots but Am Saiyavath has a vision