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10 wonderful Urban Wildlife captures

Watching a lion chasing a dear is hardcore wildlife experience, and wildlife photographer feast on such scenes. Wildlife photography requires appropriate equipments like telescopic lenses so as to maintain a safe distance.

CAT Solar Charger concept by Maximilian Solomon 4

CAT Solar Charger concept by Maximilian Solomon

Inspired from the way a caterpillar folds itself, industrial designer Maximilian Solomon has designed a solar charger concept. Of course, it included photovoltaics, and is sort of fordable thing to make it easier to transport.

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Meet Amazon warriors – The real guardians of forests

The fantastic forests of Amazon are in trouble due to illegal loggers, who are active and axing trees. However, Amazon forests have got the best of guardians; the Ka’apor Indian tribe. Tired of Govt.’s inefficiency, the villages constituted a team of warriors that’ll search and