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Incredible recycled wire sculptures by artist Richard Stainthorp

The capacity of manifestation of emotions in creative ways gives birth to art. Richard Stainthorp is one of these incredible artists who have found amazing way to show human emotions with just body language of his life –sized sculptures. Mostly, facial expressions are used to


Jordi Diez Fernandez welds steel scrap into incredible sculptures

Recycling and re-using is evolving as a manner for Eco-conscious people.  The scrap and garbage need to be fixed somewhere when they are discarded. The best part of recycling is displayed in highly creative works around the world.  Jordi Diez Fernadez, a Barcelona based artist,

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Enticing paper lion crafted from hotel receipts

You might have crafted paper planes and paper boats when you were a kid, but have you ever tried making a paper lion? Sounds fascination, isn’t it? Here is an enticing lion sculpture crafted from waste paper. Designer Kyle Bean was recently hired by Intercontinental

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Elegant origami inspired furniture made entirely from cardboard

Inspired from the Japanese art of origami, American designer James Slack has come up with a new line of furniture made completely from cardboard. Christened “ORI”, the furniture line features a set of folding chairs and table. After designing a ¼ scale structure in paper,