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Recycled fashion: Party dress crafted out of used cartons

The modern mantra of sustainability is reduce, reuse and recycle. While most of the eco-friendly products and measures concentrate on the reduction in consumption of natural resources, both recycling and reuse are often left behind. In the modern world governed by urban consumerism, it is

How to make an ecofriendly DIY Mushroom Stool for your garden

A DIY Mushroom stool from Toadstools is one of the simplest DIYs, but is highly charming, especially for the kids for they’ll give them a real super Mario world around them. Maureen is a loving mother living with her two girls out in Ottawa Valley

Recycled bike cassette gear clock

20 Coolest Recycled Bicycle Chain Creations Ever Made

I for one believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and these recycled bicycle chain creations here just suggest the same. The recycled bicycle chain innovations prove that trash bike chains aren’t waste, they can be used in an innovative idea for something

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Chinese man invents an ecofriendly Underwear Washing Machine

Mr. Li, a taxi driver in the city of Chongqing, spent five years and near about $1000 building his invention that would clean your underwear in less than a minute – an Underwear Washing Machine. I know some of you would find it funny, but

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Canadian team sets world speed record for human-powered submarine at eISR

It’s for the first time that eISR (European International Submarine Races) was held in London, outside States and as usual many teams participated in the challenge. A submarine powered entirely by human muscles means a great effort, especially, when you don’t have the gravity and