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Beautiful eco-friendly dresses made out of kite material

We’ve seen a host of environmentally friendly dresses in our time, some made of hemp some of organic cotton et al. This beautiful eco-friendly dress is however made out of kite material by Ninnetic, now that’s different! Here, please don’t expect yourself to be flying

Book Arts: New book sculptures by Artist Guy Laramee

Artist Guy Laramee‘s new book sculptures are as usual creative and full of meticulous carving.  Guy is known for his marvelous carving in book arts. The books have been carved to depict fabulous volcanoes, caves, ice covered mountains, water and almost any landscape.  Guy Laramee

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Amalia: Handmade mimbre chair is exclusively green!

We’ve seen various kinds of wooden chairs in varying sizes and shapes, yet there is scope for better creations. And why not, when there are designers like Francisco Palma and Mario Rojas and design houses like Eggpicnic that can deliver creations like the Amalia –