A creative desk lamp made from old engine parts

I found this quite amusing and artistic desk lamp on a forum posted by an user with two images, which the forum user claims to be the work of one of his friends. His unknown friend creates lamps from various objects and therefore, he gifted

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Snake 3 wheel electric vehicle by Alessandro Gorletti

Alessandro Gorletti is seeking to make your visits to exhibitions more comfortable and guided. Alessandro is basically an interior designer, but he tried his hand on a indoor electric mobility design. His Snake is a 3 wheel electric vehicle, which is specially designed to help

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Shelter ByGG habitatable module by Gabriela Gomes

Designing a modular habitat is quite a challenge as the small size, compared to full living apartment, makes it tough to include extra features and luxuries. However, in some situations, a movable modular habitat is more than enough and makes good shelter. Designer Gabriela Gomes

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Ecofriendly Salvaged Chair sculpture made from from recycled plastic

Artist and designer Jay Sae Jung Oh named her artistic, unique and ecofriendly sculpture as Salvaged Chair and that’s because she has used recycled plastic or say, manufactured objects as construction material. This creative designer started collecting discarded plastic such as plastic objects and wrapped