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H&M launches clothing collection made from recycled denim

With an objective of eliminating waste and reduce environmental impact of the fashion industry Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, H&M has unveiled a new line of clothing made out of recycled textile fibers. The company announced the first collection of products made from the fibers of

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100 percent recycled plastic bottles from Ice River Springs

With an initiative to reduce energy and recycle plastic, Canada-based water bottling company Ice River Springs has unveiled 15 liter bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The new bottles slated to sell under Arrowhead brand name have been made primarily for water cooler. For

Cardboard Tent by Vanessa Harden

UK designer Vanessa Harden invents a biodegradable tent

There are lots of designers around the globe who are concerned about the environment and use their creativity and eco consciousness to bring something nature friendly to save our planet. One such designer is UK based Vanessa Harden who is working on a biodegradable tent

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ERO Concrete Recycling Robot tears down buildings efficiently

Those monstrous machines (cranes, excavators and bulldozers) and destructive explosives tearing-down humongous structures just like some fragile toy house have always fascinated me. The experience is almost like watching some thrilling action movie. But what comes across as exciting action to most of us is

Abandoned train transformed into a bookstore

Abandoned train transformed into a bookstore in France

Reading your favorite novel while enjoy the picturesque scenic beauty through train’s small windows sounds like a beautiful dream, isn’t it? To give you the opportunity to relive those wonderful memories here is an unusual bookstore. Located in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France, this eccentric bookstore has given

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Enticing paper lion crafted from hotel receipts

You might have crafted paper planes and paper boats when you were a kid, but have you ever tried making a paper lion? Sounds fascination, isn’t it? Here is an enticing lion sculpture crafted from waste paper. Designer Kyle Bean was recently hired by Intercontinental