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Seal Recycled Tires Speaker – Unique eco-friendly musical experience

Eco-conscious minds keep on emphasizing on recycling. They have shown the world amazing stuff that can be created through discarded material. The Seal Recycled Tires Speakers is one of the unique examples of recycling of lethal waste into something useful. Recycled tires are fitted with

green home from recycled materials

A solar powered ‘Tiny Home’ made from discarded material

It’s a privilege to have a big house, but the way mass consumerism is rising up, it’ll be a favor to the planet to discourage this trend. Living in less materialistic manner and go for minimum spaces, that’s what the tiny house movement in the

recycled guitar

$45, 00 Guitar handcrafted from recycled maple wood skateboard

As an amazing piece of recycled work, a fully functional guitar made from recycled skateboards is on sale for $45, 00. It’s one of its kinds, completely handcrafted in Canada. The fret board and pick guard are made from compressed recycled maple skateboard. John and


Jordi Diez Fernandez welds steel scrap into incredible sculptures

Recycling and re-using is evolving as a manner for Eco-conscious people.  The scrap and garbage need to be fixed somewhere when they are discarded. The best part of recycling is displayed in highly creative works around the world.  Jordi Diez Fernadez, a Barcelona based artist,