Dark Path by Hanson Mao

12 Marvelous Pictures That’ll Revive Your Love for Nature

Natural landscapes have always inspired greatest artists, poets and writers. But there isn’t a perfect artist than nature itself. With all its creations, colors, moods, shape, and landscapes, nature offers feasts for photographers. Good photographers make the treat even more charming with their skills. For

Some of the world’s best energy-positive buildings

Solar energy is top option for the world afraid to face the judgment day. Climate change is forcing developed as well as developing countries to use renewable source of energy. All major structures, machines, devices, and everything that requires electricity to operate is looking for

Sri Lanka becomes first South Asian country to recycle CFLs

Sri Lanka has set an example for developed nations struggling to find solution for safe disposal of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Sri Lanka has become the first country in South Asia to recycle CFLs. A recycling plant Asia Recycling, owned by Orange Electric, has 40