Sri Lanka becomes first South Asian country to recycle CFLs

Sri Lanka has set an example for developed nations struggling to find solution for safe disposal of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Sri Lanka has become the first country in South Asia to recycle CFLs. A recycling plant Asia Recycling, owned by Orange Electric, has 40

Himalayan ecology under threat due to development activities: Study

The fragile ecology of the Himalayas is in danger due to untamed human activities. Earlier, the government was trying to deny claims of damage to glaciers or to the ecology to escape NGT’s lashing. However, now, the Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has officially confirmed that

Adorable tiny reclaimed wood cabins by Dan Pauly

These amazing tiny, asymmetrical cabins, which look like movie sets, are built by Dan Pauly from reclaimed wood. His family used to build barns in Minnesota in the 1800s, and now the son has take-over this green practice. Facebook Comments Box